Portland Officer Shoots 12 Year Old with Beanbag Gun; Police Union Backs Cop

Posted on November 25, 2009


A Portland, Oregon police officer was recently suspended after shooting a 12 year old girl at point blank range with a bean bag gun. Police Chief Rosie Sizer said she was troubled by the incident, which was caught on tape. To her credit, she decided to take reasonable steps to ensure that such incidents do not happen in the future:

It is through this lens that I viewed the video and decided to initiate an investigation into the entire use of force during the arrest on the 148th Avenue platform under the totality of the circumstances.

Nothing she’s said has been an indictment of the Officer involved, even though the video of the incident is pretty damning:

Yet, in spite of the tempered response from the police chief and the video evidence, hundreds of officers marched in support of the Officer. This knee-jerk response is what threatens any pretense of ethical law enforcement in the United States. If the police can not be help accountable they will be corrupted.