Welcome to the Pursuit

Posted on November 25, 2009


Welcome to the Pursuit of Liberty. There are countless millions of blogs on the web these days, so many that virtually every niche has its own over abundance of thought expressed in endless supply online. So what’s so special about this one? Why should you bookmark us and check us out every day? Well, let me explain the purposes of this blog and I believe you will see we’re unique.

  • To keep you up to date on the latest happenings in the news, relevant to people like you and me who care about our Republic and our rights.
  • To bring you thought provoking analysis and start debate.
  • To educate you about your rights and draw a line in the sand against government interference in your daily life.

So, what do I believe?

Government governs best which governs most locally. I believe in states’ rights because it’s a concept inserted into our constitution by very smart men who believed laws should reflect the people they affect. That is to say, what’s best for the people of Washington state may not be what works best for the people of Virginia. And you know what? That’s ok. I may be deeply pro-life but that’s an issue I will argue for my state and my community, not the Federal government. In fact, the 10th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States specifically states that:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Which is amazing considering the constitution grants very few and clearly enumerated powers to the federal government. As it stands too much of our power has been usurped by the feds and that power needs to be returned to the people, to you.

The Republic cannot function without ethical and limited law enforcement. You might think I will speak in opposition to the left wing in America and, generally, you’d be right. To my left I see a power-hungry mob which seeks to establish its own nanny state. But I also take issue with many on the right, because I see many of them attempting to violate the same constitution for different reasons. Over bearing government is wrong regardless of the justification behind it. We should not surrender our liberty for peace and safety, whether that peace and safety is from hunger and illness or from terrorism and war. In short, I see a nanny state to my left and a police state to my right – I just want to be left alone in a free state! That also means pointing out law enforcement abuse when it happens. I am a huge supporter of police because, hey, I rather enjoy going to work each day without being robbed, beaten and killed. Don’t you? I am not some pretentious, spoiled college kid who won’t pull his head out of his bong long enough to see that cops are, by and large, the good guys. They do a tough job, not just in the sense that it’s dangerous. I’ve worked with the public for many years from retail to customer service to business ownership. If a customer will scream at me over some groceries I can only imagine what abuse the police often endure. However, when I see cops acting unethically – and the union and chiefs defending the indefensible, I will shine the light of liberty on fascism and corruption for the sake of the republic.

A pro-liberty agenda cannot survive with a giant letter “L” stamped on its forehead. Now that you have some idea what I believe, at least in as far as the nature of government is concerned, you might think I’m going to endorse a third-party. Surely, I must be as upset and disappointed with the Republican party as I am with the Democratic party. Well, I am upset with the Republican party – but not with the leadership. I’m angry that people like you and me haven’t gotten more involved, more interested, in saving our rights and our Republic. But in order to be relevant we must WIN, at least every once in a while. Third parties are great – if you enjoy losing election after election and wasting countless millions of dollars. Instead, let’s work together to push the Republican party back to what American’s want more than anything from their government: their liberty. We can do this through two important steps:

  1. By caring about and participating in the Republican party and its primaries, at all levels of government and in all elections.
  2. By supporting and uniting behind the Republican candidates for major offices, even when they are not perfect.

That second step is particularly important. For those of you with a great libertarian zeal who thinking, “I won’t settle for anything less than perfect” I’ve got some bad news: it doesn’t exist. You will never find a politician, or anyone for that matter, that you agree with on every single issue. John McCain was far from perfect, but he is also far from Obama. Do you honestly believe we would be $1.6 trillion in the red this year, or that we’d be waiting months for a decision on Afghanistan while are troops are dying, if the President was the war hero from Arizona instead of the carpet bagger from Illinois?

But there’s good news, by winning elections and making strong conservative, and, yes, libertarian arguments we can move the country in our direction. We didn’t arrive at the doorstep of fascism overnight, it took a century. The road back will be long and arduous, but will be undeniably worth it.

Join me, won’t you? And if you don’t agree with me, please engage me. No healthy republic can survive without the market of public discourse.

I look forward to this conversation.