Vaccine Rationing a Prelude to Socialized Medicine

Posted on November 30, 2009


There are many arguments flying around the media about what a medical system run by the government might look like. Facing shortages, critics argue the government will have no choice but to resort to the kind of rationing we see in Europe  and Canada, where wait times for even the most basic procedures often stretch to months. Defenders of the plan argue those are mere scare tactics, designed to frighten people away from a public option. But how vaccines for the H1N1 are rationed may offer an insight into what we can expect from Obamacare.

George Anter is a senior and Korean War veteran who would like to get a Swine Flu vaccine. He has a compromised immune system that makes him particularly vulnerable. But since the vaccine is in very short supply the CDC recommends against vaccinating the elderly in favor for other risk groups.

“But when I try to get a shot, I’m told I’m too old “

This is because Mr. Anter is statistically at lower risk to the vaccine then young people. Now imagine our entire health care system were run this way, with government bureaucrats decides who needs which treatments and what the cost effective options are. Democrats claim to want the government out of your doctor’s office, but that seems only to apply to abortion.