Secret Service Threatens to Confiscate Camaras

Posted on March 24, 2010


The New York Daily News is reporting that while at at a Broadway show on Sunday Michelle Obama’s Secret Service detail threatened to confiscate the cameras of anyone who took a picture of the First Lady. Perhaps our new queen thinks she has some whimsical authority, unfortunately I think this is the fault of the Secret Service itself and it sets a terrible example for other law enforcement agencies.

“They didn’t make an announcement but when they came in, everybody noticed and started taking pictures. Then people started clapping too and there was a standing ovation for them,” said Terri Mertz, one surprised audience member.

Secret Service members, alarmed by the rash of audience members who reached for cellphones and digital cameras to photograph the First Gals, warned at intermission that they would confiscate anyone who tried to take anymore pictures.
Presumably, the writer meant that they would confiscate the cameras of those people, at least I hope that’s what he meant. In any case, they were in a public place with no expectation of privacy. They could have spoken to the private property owners who could have asked photographers to leave if they did not cooperate, however the threat of an unlawful seizure of private property was highly inappropriate.
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