Police Use Entire Academy Class to Find Officer’s Wallet

Posted on April 7, 2010


If you ever got the impression that sometimes police take crimes committed against them more seriously than others, it seems you’re right.

After a Lakewood, WA PD officer’s unmarked cruiser was broken into, and his wallet stolen, the police realized that they had to act. And so they did.

“With the assistance of an entire police academy class, maintenance workers and three detectives, the Lakewood police badge, credit cars and other wallet content belonging to (the officer) were located”

It’s unclear exactly how many officers were involved, however it is clear that vastly more resources (and tax dollars) were spent recovering this wallet than would ever be spent looking for yours. Is this appropriate? Is it ethical? I would submit that this happens all the time, in matters large and small and it’s completely unethical to spend precious limited resources protecting and serving one group (cops) more than the rest of us who write their pay checks.

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