Don’t Forget China’s Government is Still Evil

Posted on April 21, 2010


Since Nixon’s policy of detente 40 years ago and, more recently, the fall of the Soviet Union our relationship with China has thawed significantly. Fueled largely by free trade and the reduced threat of communist expansionism it’s easy to forget that China’s government is still fundamentally evil. From religious and political persecution to the constant threat of their ever expanding military China continues to be ruthlessly authoritarian and tyrannical to their own people (which should remind everyone why we need to keep them from expanding their borders). But nothing demonstrates the brutality of China’s communism better than the forced sterilizations and abortions that serve as the backbone of its lauded one-child-per-family policy.

The latest report details the inhumanity of China’s push for the perfect population.

Thousands of people in one county of southern China have been sterilized in just days as part of a crackdown on violations of the country’s controversial one-child policy.

Doctors have been working 20 hour days to complete the massive round of surgeries. Local officials are so determined to reach their target they have been detaining relatives of those who resist the operation, potentially in violation of Chinese law.

Some 1,300 people are being held in cramped conditions around the county and forced to listen to lectures about the one-child policy while their relatives refuse to submit to the surgery.

So, in order to “encourage” people to comply with the forced sterilizations the government is kidnapping family members of those who are less then enthusiastic about the government hacking away at their genitals. The family members are put into what can only be described as a re-education camp until their loved ones see the light. One such example:

The brother of 38-year-old Zhang Lizhao, who is the father of two young sons, was detained while Zhang was out of town buying supplies for his wholesale fruit business. Zhang rushed home to get sterilized – after his wife was already forced to have the same operation – so that his brother would be released.

“This morning my wife called me and said they were forcing her to be sterilised today,” Zhang said. “She pleaded with the clinic to wait because she has her period. But they would not wait a single day. I called and begged them but they said no. So I have rushed back. I am satisfied because I have two sons.”

“It’s not uncommon for family planning authorities to adopt some tough tactics,” said an official at the Puning Population and Family Planning Bureau, who declined to be identified.

Talk about “tough tactics”. Family members rounded up until compliance is achieved… makes Red Dawn seem a little less cheesy.

Couples with illegal children or their relatives who apply for permits to build a house are rejected. Illegal children are also refused residency registration, a penalty that denies them access to healthcare and education.

Which effectively renders the children dead to the state which, since the state controls all education and healthcare, means they will be condemned to a life of poverty if they live at all.

I never cease to be disgusted that this is the policy that some of my professors in college actually applauded. I remember one “biology” professor who actually said that China’s one child policy was “the greatest thing any nation had ever done”. Forget America or the allies in WWII, forget the moon landing, forget everything else ever done by any nation anywhere – this is clearly the best our world has to offer.

And you wonder why those of us who support small government shudder at the thought that our president was a college professor? I digress.

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