Obama Talks to God, Too

Posted on March 30, 2011


President Obama and a crossSource.

Former President Bush continues to be attacked for his faith, and the role that it played in his decision making as President. In particular, the idea that Bush felt led by God to attack Iraq.

Now that President Obama says something similar, that he prays his way through his decisions as well, I’m sure we’ll see the same kind of outrage directed at him… perhaps not.

But is the lack of outrage, particularly from those on the left, actually symptomatic of something many Americans wonder: does Obama really believe in God?

The same article points out that “Forty-three percent of Americans now say they don’t know what Obama’s religion is at all.”

I don’t think this is a question we can judge, whether the President believes something in his heart, and I don’t think we should try. However, I would question whether the uncertainty about his faith comes from questions about his Islamic roots or if it’s more about the simple fact that Obama hasn’t made his faith an outwardly important part of his presidency.

I wonder if that’s why we don’t see the criticism of Obama’s claim to pray for wisdom from God like we did with Bush. People believed Bush when he said it, I don’t think even Obama’s supporters believe it when he says it.

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