NYPD Officer Nearly Runs Over Man, Beats Him, Gets Probation

Posted on June 6, 2011


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What would happen to you if you nearly ran a pedestrian over with your car then, when the pedestrian slaps your car and yells at you, you jump out and beat the man in the face with a bat? Jail? Not if you have a get-away-with-crime-free pass issued by the police department.

Officer Marc Rios plead guilty to beating a man in the face with his baton after the NYPD Officer nearly ran victim, John Roperto, over with his cruiser. Mr. Roperto slapped the car and swore at the Officer which prompted Mr. Rios to jump out of his cruiser and beat the man in the face with his baton. He then drove off and made no report of the incident.

Officer Marc Rios admitted to the March 30, 2009, assault that left victim John Roperto, 34, with broken bones in his cheek and nose.

His plea deal means he’ll get probation for this unprovoked assault. Something tells me that if you or I did the same thing we would not be getting away with probation.

There is one bright spot in this mess: because he plead guilty he was actually terminated from his employment which, with union and political protection, is all too rare in cases like this.

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