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I’m A Libertarian Who’s Voting for Romney. Here’s Why.

September 24, 2012


(Photo credit: Wikipedia) Inevitably, as the election draws nearer and some of the less-than-libertarian positions of both Mitt Romney and the GOP platform gain attention and, deservedly, criticism many libertarians have already begun trotting out the “he’s just the lessor of two evils” argument. They would argue that you should only vote for the purest libertarian candidate without regard […]

Obama: “If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

July 15, 2012


Coming Again to Save the ****** ****** Day! (Photo credit: AN HONORABLE GERMAN) Seriously? Chalk this up to another explanation for why the economy continues to struggle under a government with this philosophy. The ridiculous quote came from a larger point the President was trying to make during what was essentially a campaign speech in Roanoke, Virginia. […]

Obama Guts Welfare Reform by Execute Dictate

July 13, 2012


President Bill Clinton signing welfare reform legislation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 16 years ago congress passed and President Clinton signed a law creating Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), also known as welfare reform. This bi-partisan effort was arguably one of the most beneficial accomplishments of the entire Clinton presidency. The reform changed the focus of welfare […]

US Soldiers Disarmed During Defense Secretary Speech

March 14, 2012


Photo courtesy DVIDSHUB on flickr. In perhaps a subtle sign of the government’s concern for its own stability it apparently cannot trust its own soldiers with weapons. That’s the message around 200 American soldiers got when they lined up at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan to listen to Leon Panneta, US Secretary of Defense, deliver a speech. […]

Romney’s Lead Widens in Florida

January 28, 2012


Image courtesy DonkeyHotey via Flickr From Reuters: With just three days remaining before Florida’s Republican primary, Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, led Gingrich, a former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, by 43 percent to 32 percent among likely voters in Florida’s January 31 primary, the online poll said. It’s unclear whether this will […]

If You See Something, Film Something

January 17, 2012


A new video mashup of police encounters focuses on the right of the people to engage in free speech and free press by recording and photographing police officers, acting in their capacity as police, in public. Some of the events depicted in the video show police deploying force in ways that are perfectly reasonable, but […]

Man Helps Clear Debris, Fallen Trees After Tornado; Forced to Leave and Fined $275

June 6, 2011


This latest story of government tyranny comes to us from north Minneapolis, which was recently devastated by a tornado. Mike Haege, of Hastings, owns a tree cutting service which operates in several cities. When he saw the news of devastation in the town he decided to put his business to use for free, volunteering to […]