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If You See Something, Film Something

January 17, 2012


A new video mashup of police encounters focuses on the right of the people to engage in free speech and free press by recording and photographing police officers, acting in their capacity as police, in public. Some of the events depicted in the video show police deploying force in ways that are perfectly reasonable, but […]

Charges Dismissed Against Man Who Videotaped Cop

October 7, 2010


In another great win for photographer’s rights and the first amendment prosecutors in Massachusetts dropped the charges against Eli Damon, who had faced charges of “secretly” recording a police officer during a traffic stop on a bike back in March. MA law makes it a crime to secretly record others, even in a public place, […]

Man Charged for Referring to Crime

August 7, 2010


Is it a crime for a person merely to talk about a crime that someone else committed? Apparently, Connecticut police believe it’s it is.  According to this story in the AP, Francis Laskowski was arrested after he stated that he understood why Omar Thornton snapped and killed nine people at his employer Tuesday. Connecticut police […]

Is Racial Insensitivity a Crime?

April 13, 2010


There’s no question that getting on a store’s PA system and asking all black people to leave the store is stupid and wrong. However, is it illegal? That’s the question I want to ask as we hear about another incident involving a PA system hijacking, this time at a Whole Foods in New Jersey. For […]