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If You See Something, Film Something

January 17, 2012


A new video mashup of police encounters focuses on the right of the people to engage in free speech and free press by recording and photographing police officers, acting in their capacity as police, in public. Some of the events depicted in the video show police deploying force in ways that are perfectly reasonable, but […]

NYPD Officer Nearly Runs Over Man, Beats Him, Gets Probation

June 6, 2011


  by  neoliminal  What would happen to you if you nearly ran a pedestrian over with your car then, when the pedestrian slaps your car and yells at you, you jump out and beat the man in the face with a bat? Jail? Not if you have a get-away-with-crime-free pass issued by the police department. Officer Marc […]

Charges Dismissed Against Man Who Videotaped Cop

October 7, 2010


In another great win for photographer’s rights and the first amendment prosecutors in Massachusetts dropped the charges against Eli Damon, who had faced charges of “secretly” recording a police officer during a traffic stop on a bike back in March. MA law makes it a crime to secretly record others, even in a public place, […]

Man Charged for Referring to Crime

August 7, 2010


Is it a crime for a person merely to talk about a crime that someone else committed? Apparently, Connecticut police believe it’s it is.  According to this story in the AP, Francis Laskowski was arrested after he stated that he understood why Omar Thornton snapped and killed nine people at his employer Tuesday. Connecticut police […]

Ever Ask a Police Station for a Complaint Form?

June 7, 2010


You might think twice before you do, because you might be harassed, threaten, assaulted and jailed. That’s what happened to an investigator with a local Fox News affiliate. Eye-opening video below.

WA Court: Woman Not Allowed to Wear Bikini

May 19, 2010


For those of you who may not have been following all the important news out here in the great northwest, we’ve had some issues in recent months involving so called “bikini baristas”. Since the supply side of the market for espresso has become overcrowded, and the customers more cash-strapped, some drive through stands have embraced […]

Attorney Claims Video Shows Police Who Killed Girl Fired Before Entering Home

May 17, 2010


This is an update to a story I posted yesterday. An attorney for the family of the 7 year old girl killed by police during a no-knock search says video he watched of the incident contradicts the police account of a struggle preceding the “accidental” discharge of the weapon which killed the girl. Attorney Geoffrey […]