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Charges Dismissed Against Man Who Videotaped Cop

October 7, 2010


In another great win for photographer’s rights and the first amendment prosecutors in Massachusetts dropped the charges against Eli Damon, who had faced charges of “secretly” recording a police officer during a traffic stop on a bike back in March. MA law makes it a crime to secretly record others, even in a public place, […]

Man Charged for Referring to Crime

August 7, 2010


Is it a crime for a person merely to talk about a crime that someone else committed? Apparently, Connecticut police believe it’s it is.  According to this story in the AP, Francis Laskowski was arrested after he stated that he understood why Omar Thornton snapped and killed nine people at his employer Tuesday. Connecticut police […]

Ever Ask a Police Station for a Complaint Form?

June 7, 2010


You might think twice before you do, because you might be harassed, threaten, assaulted and jailed. That’s what happened to an investigator with a local Fox News affiliate. Eye-opening video below.

WA Court: Woman Not Allowed to Wear Bikini

May 19, 2010


For those of you who may not have been following all the important news out here in the great northwest, we’ve had some issues in recent months involving so called “bikini baristas”. Since the supply side of the market for espresso has become overcrowded, and the customers more cash-strapped, some drive through stands have embraced […]

Excellent Video on The Consitution and the Patriot Act

April 22, 2010


I recently came across a video of a lecture given by Judge Andrew Napolitano to the Campaign for Liberty. The video was uploaded back in October, but the content is still very relevant. He makes some very interesting points that drive home just how far legislation like the Patriot Act has taken us from the […]

Don’t Forget China’s Government is Still Evil

April 21, 2010


Since Nixon’s policy of detente 40 years ago and, more recently, the fall of the Soviet Union our relationship with China has thawed significantly. Fueled largely by free trade and the reduced threat of communist expansionism it’s easy to forget that China’s government is still fundamentally evil. From religious and political persecution to the constant […]

Secret Service Threatens to Confiscate Camaras

March 24, 2010


The New York Daily News is reporting that while at at a Broadway show on Sunday Michelle Obama’s Secret Service detail threatened to confiscate the cameras of anyone who took a picture of the First Lady. Perhaps our new queen thinks she has some whimsical authority, unfortunately I think this is the fault of the […]

Vancouver Police Ticket Man for Open Carry

March 21, 2010


Open carry, the practice of openly carrying a firearm secured in a holster, is perfectly legal in 43 states. Washington is one those states which does not prohibit this practice, but that’s a lesson that the Police Department of Vancouver apparently has not learned. A man who was seen in a Vancouver supermarket with a […]

SoCal City: You’re gonna need a permit for that Bible study.

March 18, 2010


Does the government have the right to come into your home and tell you whether or not you can peaceably assemble with others along religious or political lines? A city in Southern California thinks so. For the second time in six months, the city has ordered a group of Christian worshippers who meet inside homes […]

Idaho Latest to Challange Federal Authority

March 17, 2010


Well, that was fast. After just writing about the move by several states to limit federal power, Idaho’s Governor just signed a law requiring the AG to sue the feds if they try to force its people to by health insurance. Idaho took the lead in a growing, nationwide fight against health care overhaul Wednesday […]

Prostitution Investigation Requires 19-Month Investigation

March 17, 2010


I’ve been meaning to get to this story in the Seattle Times about charges finally being filed in the case of the owner of a massage parlor. She is accused of advertising and promoting prostitution. Specifically, providing “happy endings” to clients and encouraging employees to do the same. What I found particularly interesting from the […]

States Asserting Their Rights, Pushing Feds Back Into Constitutional Box

March 16, 2010


UPDATE: Idaho is now challenging federal authority over the Obamacare debacle; 37 other states considering. According to the New York Times, states are increasingly pushing to limit the federal government’s authority over them. The feds have been overstepping constitutional limits imposed in the 10th Amendment and elsewhere for many years, and once in a while […]

Are You Obligated to Tell the Government How Many Toilets you Have?

March 16, 2010


That’s a question, believe it or not, you will have to answer depending on which of the census forms you receive this year. The government will be sending out two forms, one simple version which essentially only asks for a head count and one much longer version that asks very personal, and very irrelevant, questions. […]

Obama Says Collecting DNA After Arrest is “the right thing to do”

March 15, 2010


I often say that there are those to my left who want a nanny state and those to my right who want a police state, while I just want to be free. So one "bright side" to shifting from Bush and the Patriot Act's question law enforcement provisions was, presumably, that President Obama would at least be too busy pushing for a nanny state to worry about expanding the power of law enforcement. Unfortunately, even that silver lining appears to be absent.

11 Reasons to Be Grateful to Live in a Republic

March 14, 2010

0 has posted a photo montage that serves as an excellent reminder of the importance of popular sovereignty. Click over to see Queen Elizabeth II with 11 American Presidents, starting with Barack Obama.

HuffPo: Tea Party is “All About Race”

March 9, 2010


Once again the left is calling out its ideological opponents as racists. In an opinion piece that reflects the increasing desperation of liberals in America facing an election that threatens to throw them out of office.

Welcome to the Pursuit

November 25, 2009


Welcome to the Pursuit of Liberty. There are countless millions of blogs on the web these days, so many that virtually every niche has its own over abundance of thought expressed in endless supply online. So what's so special about this one? Why should you bookmark us and check us out every day? Well, let me explain the purposes of this blog and I believe you will see we're unique.