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Obama’s Foreign Policy Is So Weak He Prohibits Flying the Flag

March 16, 2010


According to a story posted on USA Today’s website, the American installation operating in Haiti has been ordered by the administration not to fly the American flag. France’s tricolor, Britain’s Union Jack and even Croatia’s coat of arms flap in the breeze. But the country whose contributions dwarf the rest of the world’s — the […]

Obama Says Collecting DNA After Arrest is “the right thing to do”

March 15, 2010


I often say that there are those to my left who want a nanny state and those to my right who want a police state, while I just want to be free. So one "bright side" to shifting from Bush and the Patriot Act's question law enforcement provisions was, presumably, that President Obama would at least be too busy pushing for a nanny state to worry about expanding the power of law enforcement. Unfortunately, even that silver lining appears to be absent.

Chris Matthews: To Obama West Point is “The Enemy Camp”

December 2, 2009


Apparently MSNBC gas-bag, Chris Matthews, believes it was a mistake for President Obama to address West Point - his own troops - because they weren't "warm" enough to him. In fact, he says they are "the enemy camp."

Senoir UK Defense Official: US “dithering” on Afghanistan

November 25, 2009


During President Obama's first year in office he has consistently embraced our most hardened ideological adversaries while, at the same time, giving our closest and most important allies the cold shoulder. Pressuring Israel to give endless concessions to its neighbors, abandoning our eastern European allies to the Russians, and even snubbing Prime Minister Brown in a series of blunders during a state visit to the US earlier this year.