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Beauty and Brains: Miss Oklahoma Promotes States’ Rights

May 17, 2010


Thought this was worthy of a mention. Miss Oklahoma received a provocative question about the Arizona immigration law, she was asked whether the state should be permitted to have such a law or should the Feds have sole authority on this issue. It’s a setup question, and the audience knew that as they can be […]

Excellent Video on The Consitution and the Patriot Act

April 22, 2010


I recently came across a video of a lecture given by Judge Andrew Napolitano to the Campaign for Liberty. The video was uploaded back in October, but the content is still very relevant. He makes some very interesting points that drive home just how far legislation like the Patriot Act has taken us from the […]

Idaho Latest to Challange Federal Authority

March 17, 2010


Well, that was fast. After just writing about the move by several states to limit federal power, Idaho’s Governor just signed a law requiring the AG to sue the feds if they try to force its people to by health insurance. Idaho took the lead in a growing, nationwide fight against health care overhaul Wednesday […]

States Asserting Their Rights, Pushing Feds Back Into Constitutional Box

March 16, 2010


UPDATE: Idaho is now challenging federal authority over the Obamacare debacle; 37 other states considering. According to the New York Times, states are increasingly pushing to limit the federal government’s authority over them. The feds have been overstepping constitutional limits imposed in the 10th Amendment and elsewhere for many years, and once in a while […]

Welcome to the Pursuit

November 25, 2009


Welcome to the Pursuit of Liberty. There are countless millions of blogs on the web these days, so many that virtually every niche has its own over abundance of thought expressed in endless supply online. So what's so special about this one? Why should you bookmark us and check us out every day? Well, let me explain the purposes of this blog and I believe you will see we're unique.