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Chris Matthews: If Government Were Any Smaller, The Chilean Miners Would Have Died

October 14, 2010


Chris Matthews argued yesterday on his show that the Tea Party’s stance on smaller government would mean every man for himself. Apparently, if you think government is too big, you must be an anarchist. CHRIS MATTHEWS: Okay let’s talk about what the…message to a lot of the people was. The message coming out of the Tea […]

Excellent Video on The Consitution and the Patriot Act

April 22, 2010


I recently came across a video of a lecture given by Judge Andrew Napolitano to the Campaign for Liberty. The video was uploaded back in October, but the content is still very relevant. He makes some very interesting points that drive home just how far legislation like the Patriot Act has taken us from the […]

GOP Congressman Fails Basic Constitution Question

April 7, 2010


Democrats aren’t the only ones who don’t seem to know or care what the Constitution they swore to uphold says. Turns out some in the GOP need to go back to their high school civics lessons as well. Congressman LoBianco could not tell the 1st Amendment – which restricts the government from interfering in religion, […]

HuffPo: Tea Party is “All About Race”

March 9, 2010


Once again the left is calling out its ideological opponents as racists. In an opinion piece that reflects the increasing desperation of liberals in America facing an election that threatens to throw them out of office.