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HuffPo’s Crawford is Hysterically Illiterate

March 17, 2010


In a blog posted early this morning on the Huffington Post, Craig Crawford wrote a short, dismissive piece on the outcry over the US House’s attempt to pass health care reform without actually voting on it. That issue aside, Mr. Crawford had this to say about the situation: “At the end of the day, even […]

Blog Freakout: Internet Panics Over Texas Curriculum Changes

March 16, 2010


I must admit I’m enjoying the great blog freak out of 2010. Left leaning blogs everywhere are up in arms over changes made to history curriculum by the Texas Board of Education. It doesn’t seem like the kind of world shattering changes that deserve such attention, most of the changes are actually quite sensible (and […]

HuffPo: Tea Party is “All About Race”

March 9, 2010


Once again the left is calling out its ideological opponents as racists. In an opinion piece that reflects the increasing desperation of liberals in America facing an election that threatens to throw them out of office.